The 2015 MHI ShowPro Live will occur the day before the ProMat 2017 Space Draw in Chicago on December 9, 2015. The event will run from 10:00AM to 5:00PM. ShowPro Live will be supplemented by a series of 3 live webinars November, 17 2015, January 5, 2016, and February 16, 2016.

In addition, registering for MHI ShowPro Live by December 1, 2015 will earn your company five (5) MHI Loyalty Points.

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December 9, 2015 - ShowPro Live Event Agenda

9:00-9:45AM Arrival/Check-In/Continental Breakfast
9:45-10:00AM Welcome/Opening Comments/MPRO Video
10:00- 11:00AM Jefferson Davis presentation: How to Make Your Exhibit Stand Out from the Crowd
11:00-11:10 Morning Break
11:10-12:00PM Panel Round Table Discussion/Q&A
Moderated by Jen Buhrow
Panel of industry experts consisting of Show Organizer, General Contractor, Trade show consultant, Exhibitor, and Marketing professional. The panel will discuss relevant topics effecting exhibitors, trade shows, attendees, etc.
12:00-1:00PM Hosted Lunch and Learn – GES Presentation
1:00-2:00PM Tradeshow Attendee Panel Q&A (Moderated by Jefferson Davis)
A panel consisting of ProMat/MODEX/SC&T attendees will field questions from the audience.
2:00-3:00PM Jefferson Davis presentation: Integrating Technology Into Your Exhibit
3:00-3:15PM Afternoon Break w/ Coffee and Snack
3:15-5:00PM Table Topics Best Practices Discussion
Each table will be moderated by an MHI MPRO (MHI Marketing Professional Group) member. The groups will discuss trade show marketing relevant topics. The topics will be discussed for 30 minutes and then the final hour and 15 minutes, from 3:45pm-5pm, will consist of each table presenting what they discussed and taking questions from the audience. The goal of this session is to moderate peer-to-peer discussions and create a dialogue so we can all discover what others do to succeed at trade shows.

Topics to be discussed:
  • Social Media and Trade Shows: What role is social media playing in your tradeshow marketing program? What channels are you using? How specifically are you using the channels? What’s working best? What hasn’t worked so well? How are you measuring social media results? How much time are you allocating to social media? What new ideas came from the discussion?
  • One Person Marketing: When you are the only person responsible, how do you manage the entire program? What are the key tasks you have to handle? What do you do yourself? What do you outsource? What practices have you developed that help you stay on top of everything? What are some of the biggest mistakes and pitfalls you’ve encountered? How did you overcome these pitfalls? What is the single most important piece of advice you would give somebody having to manage all the marketing themselves? What new ideas came from the discussion?
  • Pre-Show Marketing/Post-Show Follow Up: What pre/post-show marketing media are you using? How do you measure each media? Which media are working best? What factors do you feel are contributing to your best-performing marketing media? What do you think is limiting your underperforming media? How good of a job do you feel your sales team/dealer distributors are going on lead follow-up? Are you able to close the loop on your tradeshow leads? How do you do that? What new ideas came from the discussion?
  • Booth Design and Staffing: Do you design your booth internally or work within external exhibit house? How effective do you feel your current exhibit design is? Why? What factors do you feel are most important in designing an effective exhibit? How are you integrating technology into your exhibit? What lessons have you learned over the years about designing an effective exhibit that you would share with somebody? Who staff’s your booth at tradeshows? How do you determine who staffs your booth? What do you do before the show to prepare your booth staff for peak performance? How do you manage staff scheduling at the show? How do you keep your staff focused on your company’s exhibiting goals and their roles? What new ideas came from the discussion?
  • Cost Control and Managing Show Operations & Logistics: What percentage of your annual marketing budget you allocate to event/exhibit marketing? How do you manage and keep track of your exhibiting costs? What areas do you most frequently run over budget on? Why? What areas do you typically come in under budget? Why? What practices have you used to successfully manager and reduce your exhibiting costs? What are the most challenging logistical and operation issues you face? How do you manage these challenges? What are the top 2 or 3 pieces of advice you would give someone on avoiding headaches and hassles of managing their exhibit program? What new ideas came from the discussion?

December 9, 2015 - ProMat 2017 Space Draw Kickoff Event

ProMat 2017 Space Draw Kickoff Event at the Chicago Sports Museum
December 9, 2015 from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST.

Following ShowPro, MHI invites you to an Industry Night at the Chicago Sports Museum. The evening will feature food, cocktails, networking, exclusive access to the Museum.

These FREE events are limited to the first 200 registrants. Register today!


December 10, 2015 - ProMat 2017 Space Draw

The ProMat 2017 Space Draw will be the first opportunity to secure a booth at ProMat 2017.


ShowPro 3 Part Webinar Series

Executing an exhibiting program that visibly supports core business objectives and delivers measurable financial value beyond cost, requires intense focus and precision execution around three critical success factors. This “ALL NEW” MODEX exhibitor webinar series will give you and your team access to the latest and best information, at the right time frames in the show planning cycle, to help you have a more successful exhibiting experience.

Fast Track to MODEX Exhibiting Success: Three Power Factors that Virtually Guarantee a Successful Exhibit

Power Factor 1: Selective Attraction: How to Attract Enough of the Right Attendees to YOUR MODEX Exhibit
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 2:00-3:00 pm
View Presentation
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Not everyone who attends MODEX is your target customer. Identifying your target customer, determining which solutions you will exhibit, and doing some serious strategic thinking will give you a leg up on your competition. This practical, interactive webinar will help you identify your ideal visitor, develop powerful content that is relevant and important to your audience, and learn the best practices to use free and low-cost integrated marketing plan to build your brand awareness and get on their agenda before they arrive at MODEX.
Power Factor 2: Managing the Visitor Experience: How to Better Meet Supply Chain Professionals’ Needs Through In-Booth Experiences
Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 2:00-3:00 pm
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Supply chain professionals attend MODEX to do a lot more than they can on your website. They are looking for immersive, interactive experiences that address their 3 primary reasons for attending a tradeshow. Designing an effective visitor experience around attendees primary reasons for attending gives your company a leg up on the competition. This practical, interactive webinar will help you think through your exhibit, your product/service presentations/demonstrations, and your booth staff. Master these 3 factors and you will stand out from the crowd at MODEX.
Power Factor 3: Managing Leads and Measuring Exhibiting Results: How to Improve Lead Quality, Sales Conversion and Measure Performance and ROI
Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 2:00-3:00 pm
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If ROI is the name of your exhibiting game, and you're not closing deals at MODEX, then the real product is leads. Unfortunately, what most exhibitors call leads, aren't really leads, and their sales conversion rates are extremely low. This practical, interactive webinar will help you analyze your current lead management process looking for the weak links. Then, you will pick up practical strategies to quickly improve the process, so your lead quality is higher, and your sales conversion even higher. Finally, you will learn a series of the easy to apply tradeshow performance and financial performance metrics to set up a scoring system. Remember, what gets measured, not only gets done, but gets improved.