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What's the best way to let people know you'll be bringing your best productivity solutions to MODEX 2016? Tell them. Tell them. And tell them again--via direct mail, email, your website, our website and your advertising. Free promotions like these are highly effective and raise your trade show ROI.

Online Listing

The MODEX 2016 Online Exhibitor Directory will contain the company name, address, product description and booth number for each exhibiting company. Exhibitors may complete their listing online by logging into Your online listing can be indexed by product categories and can also be found using keyword searches of your listing description.

Submit Online
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Deadline to submit is February 12, 2016.

Enhance Your Online Listing by Creating a Showcase

Once you submit your basic listing information, we offer several options to enhance your listing by including your company logo, product photos, website and email links. Click here to learn more.

Direct Mail & HTML Email

Gain maximum exposure for your company with the power of direct marketing.

First, order MODEX 2016 direct mail postcards for your customers, prospects, dealers and distributors. MHI provides exhibitors with color postcards full of important information about MODEX 2016.

Follow-up with a personalized HTML e-mail with links to more information on the show and free on-line registration. Personalize the e-mail with your company logo, booth number and a link to your website.

You will also receive, via e-mail, all leads from anyone who registers for MODEX 2016 through your e-mail invitation.

Postcard Email

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Questions, contact Carol Miller at 704-676-1190 or email

Partner with Us

Partner with MHI to promote your participation in MODEX 2016 and receive the following:


  • Exposure in 2 pre-show e-Newsletters to MODEX 2016 attendees/prospects
  • Use of pre-show attendee list in March for a one-time Direct Mail through MHI designated mailing house**


  • Use of post-show attendee list in April for a one-time Direct Mail through MHI designated mailing house**
  • Two complimentary email blasts to all or a selection of the MODEX post-show attendee list

How To Participate

You must fulfill ALL of the following requirements by January 8, 2016:

  1. Sign and return a completed copy of the Partnership Program Order Form.

  2. Sign and return a completed copy of the Partnership Program License Agreement.

  3. Requirements: Part One
    Fulfill one of the below options to meet requirements for participation.

    • Option 1:
      Submit copies of at least one pre-show advertisement (print or online*) that includes the MODEX 2016 logo in an MHI approved trade publication, including MHI Solutions magazine.

    • Option 2:
      Purchase $500 or more in MODEX 2016 advertising / sponsorships

  4. Requirements: Part Two
    Fulfill one of the below options to meet requirements for participation.

    • Option 1:
      Send a sample of at least one direct mailing sent to your customer/ prospect database that includes the MODEX 2016 logo

    • Option 2:
      E-mail to your customer/prospect database featuring the MODEX 2016 logo and link to, including an email tracking statement that includes date sent and size of distribution list.

* Online ads must appear on websites outside of your own company’s
** Additional fees may apply

Questions, contact Daniel Sasser at 704-714-8739 or email

Place a MODEX 2016 logo on your company's website with a link to online attendee registration. When a visitor on your website clicks through this logo link and registers, that visitor's contact information is emailed to you within 24 hours.

Get MODEX Logo
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Follow the instructions to place the MODEX 2016 logo on your website.

Questions, contact Joey Holt at 704-714-8732 or email .

LeadLink Attendee Incentive Program

Use a LeadLink banner (see LeadLink above for details) to bring attendees to the show and receive compensation for each attendee who registers and picks up a badge at MODEX.

  • $10 for each verified attendee
  • Prizes for top 3 exhibitors* - $5,000 / $2,500 / $1,000

* A minimum of 50 confirmed attendees is required to qualify

Questions, contact MHI Marketing at 704-676-1190 or email

1 Minute 2 Connect

If you only had one minute to connect with MODEX attendees what would you say? How would you get them to your booth? Now is your chance to tell attendees your story using the power of video. Create a one minute video to tell attendees why your company should be on their show agenda. Be informative, be engaging, be brilliant, but most importantly be persuasive and get them to your booth.

Top three videos with the most votes as of 4pm (EST) on March 9, 2016 will win. The three winners will have their video posted on the home page and receive a $100 gift certificate.

Get Started

  1. Complete your video, one minute or less
  2. Post the video to your YouTube account
    (Note: video must be public and status of "listed")
  3. Complete the submission form.

Disclaimer: MHI reserves the right to refuse to display any videos we deem inappropriate. No offers of over $100 in value are allowed.

Submit Entry
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Questions, contact MHI Marketing at 704-676-1190 or email

MHI Innovation Awards

MODEX 2016 welcomes submissions for the MHI Innovation Award competition.

The MHI Innovation Award serves to educate and provide valuable insights on the latest manufacturing and supply chain innovative products and services to MODEX attendees.

This award will be given to winners in 3 categories.

  1. Best New Innovation
  2. Best Innovation of an Existing Product
  3. Best IT Innovation

2015 Winners of the Best New Innovation: Forklift Simulator, Forklift Simulator

2015 Winners of the Best Innovation of an Existing Product: CubiScan, CubiScan 25

Winners will be announced by MHI CEO George Prest during MODEX 2016. The finalists will be published on and recognized in an editorial feature in the MHI Solutions magazine. You must be a MODEX 2016 exhibiting company to be eligible.

Definition of Innovation

A new product, product line, technology or service or new application of existing products or technology that create quantifiable and sustainable results in terms of ROI, cost savings, customer satisfaction, etc.

How to Enter

Deadline: January 8, 2016

  1. Complete MHI Innovation Award submission form.
  2. Include a a short video demo (if available) and one high resolution (300 dpi) color photo of innovation.
  3. Finalists** must participate in a 10-minute on-site demonstration on the show floor. Demonstrations will be scheduled to take place between 8:00am and 12:00pm on the first day of the show.

Judging Criteria

  • Quantifiable and sustainable results in cost savings, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction
  • Level of significance to the specific manufacturing or supply chain challenge
  • The impact on the organization's overall supply chain
  • Relevance to today's manufacturing and supply chain professional (MODEX attendee)
  • The creativity of the product or service

Questions, contact Greg Baer at 704-676-1190 or email

Submit EntryDeadline to submit is January 8, 2016.
(Note: you will be asked to login)

Note: **Finalists will be notified by January 10, 2016 of their participation in the demonstration portion. Finalists must commit to having two representatives in their MODEX booth on the morning of April 4, 2016 to participate in their final evaluation by the judging committee.**

Career Forum

Post a job to the MODEX 2016 career forum. visitors can search through available positions by location, job function, salary, and keywords, and then schedule follow up meetings at the show.

Submit Job
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Media Downloads

Feel free to download the following files to add to your own marketing materials to support your participation in MODEX 2016.

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Floor Photo
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Keynote Photo
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Educational Seminar Photo
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Questions, contact MHI Marketing at 704-676-1190 or email



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