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Actiw has decades of experience as an international supplier of automated intralogistics solutions.
Actiw LoadMatic and LoadPlate loading systems for regular, non-modified sea containers, trucks and trailers give substantial benefits in improved truck turnaround times and safety, reduced product damage and savings in labor and machinery.
Actiw LoadMatic - fully automated loading system that can be seamlessly integrated into production and warehouse systems. It handles unit loads from palletized goods to palletless products that can be bagged or cartonized, with or without slip sheets.
Actiw LoadPlate - one shot loading solution that loads easily hard to containerize products like timber, steel and various project goods.
Actiw Storage - automated cart-based pallet storage and retrieval system (ASRS) with sequencing, high throughput and density capabilities.
Actiw Sequencer - buffering and load preparation in correct sequence at the right time.


ACTIW LoadMatic
ACTIW LoadPlate
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Actiw Oy
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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
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