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How often has this happened to you? Your steel bollard, rail or angle iron has halted a wayward truck but now it's broken--and so is your concrete floor, your truck, your driver and your goods. It really doesn't have to be that way.

At McCue we look at every asset from every angle and engineer solutions to protect it. We call our approach 'Total Asset Protection'. Whether we're specifying a single product or an end-to-end protection strategy for your premises, we leave nothing to chance. Using innovative designs and material combinations, we deflect, disperse and absorb impacts -- turning accidents into incidents.

Our products look good, require no painting, and are quick and easy to install. The proven strength and performance of these products is in the integration of polymers with heavy-duty castings made out of ductile iron. The products work together to cover all needs: protecting perimeters, columns, racking, doorways, equipment and, most importantly, people.

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Asset Protection for the Facility of the Future
Our products look good, require no painting, are quick and easy to install, and offer proven strength. They include: Bollard Systems, Column Protection, Rack Protection & Barrier Systems.
Next-Generation Facility Damage Prevention
Five Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Facility!


The Future Of Asset Protection

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Innovation Award

Crash Barrier System: The swiss army knife of damage prevention
Protection of work areas, walls, equipment, machinery and racking is often provided by angle iron, plate mounted bollards or steel railing, painted yellow. McCue's newly extended Crash Barrier System provides an innovative modular approach to heavy-duty damage prevention in all those areas. It is designed to absorb and deflect impacts, without damage to itself or the floor, and provides a maintenance-free solution that is now applicable throughout ...
McCue's new Asset Protection Product Line: A complete line of newly designed products to provide one stop asset protection
While industrial facilities have become highly sophisticated in automation and futuristic in appearance, many are let down by old-fashioned damage prevention devices such as steel bollards, rails and angle iron painted yellow. These structures require constant maintenance, degrade the look of the facility and - in the event of a collision - become a safety hazard. In Europe this problem is addressed by using products made mainly out of plastic. However, ...

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