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Adrian's Safety Solutions proudly manufactures solutions for warehouse rack safety, dock safety, driver/worker safety and cargo control. Formerly under the Bednet® name, Adrian's Safety Solutions also provides custom safety solutions for many applications.

Our rack safety product line includes the Rack Safety Strap, Racks Safety Net and Rack Safety Cable.


Adrian's Safety Solutions
Bednet® Cargo Control Solutions

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Innovation Award

Rack Safety Strap
Maintaining clear flue spaces is critically important for fire safety. More and more insurance auditors and local fire codes are requiring measures be taken to prevent goods stored on racking from being push into the flue space. Preventing push through has historically been expensive and time-consuming. The Rack Safety Strap is very low-cost per bay and mounts quickly to the existing back of the rack with no retrofit needed. This product is installed ...

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Adrian's Safety Solutions (formerly Bednet® Rack Safety Solutions)
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