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Automation Systems Integrator and Automated Storage featuring innovative solutions::
* Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel - AI MiniPATERNOSTER - the only high density automated storage machine available in the industry that is "Plug & Play", comes complete, needs no installation, is low maintenance and affordable. A MHI "New Innovation Award" participant.
* Vertical Lift Module - AI TORNADO - the only VLM in the industry with no heavy lift bed making it faster (as its name implies) , more efficient, lighter, uses standard parts and low maintenance.
* Vertical Carousels - AI PATERNOSTER - Ergonomic and affordable.
* Horizontal Carousel - AI HOCA - Great solution for automated storage for low ceilings.
* Mobile Racking - AI MOVO


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Innovation Award

AI MiniPATERNOSTER Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel
Need more storage in your facility but fear you do not have the space, budget and/or technology? Are you traveling back-and-forth, to-and-from your storage areas, while unsafely climbing and reaching for goods? Not able to track your inventory? AI MiniPATERNOSTER Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel is the only high density automated vertical storage in its class: Size, Features, Efficiency, Safety, Security, Affordability, Versatility, Accountability ...

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