ASRS-F/A of MHI Presents: 21st Century Latest Advancements and Total Cost / Cost Benefit of Ownership

Sponsored by MHI / ASRS - FA

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  • Seminar Number 107
  • Date Monday, April 4, 2016
  • Time 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location Theater F
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Brad Moore - Business Development
757-342-4827 (w)

Colman Roche - Director, Account Management
207-329-5720 (w)

Kevin Reader


What You Will Learn

The only thing certain in this world is Change and the main driver of technology and innovation is the Speed of Change! In this educational session, a few industry leaders will divulge the latest and greatest advancements in the world of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Deployable innovative ASRS solutions providing the flexibility required by the Speed of Change in time to achieve the benefits before the next round of change. In addition, never before seen on the MHI stage, our experts will go “full Monty” with the bare numbers and disclose the Total Cost/Cost Benefit of ASRS ownership.

Key Takeaways

- Latest and Greatest advancements of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
- Total Cost / Cost Benefit of ASRS Ownership


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