Paxxal Siluma Pallet

Posted by Paxxal, Inc. (booth # 1255)

Summary of Innovation

Paxxal is the only global pallet manufacturer of the new, patented, Siluma®, a state-of-the art material that outperforms plastic or wood. Paxxal combines this unique material with customized fully automated, high volume rotational mold capabilities to produce 32 40” x 48” pallet parts every 50 minutes. Each pallet has a solid core that makes it stronger, 100% recyclable, and overall, more cost effective than other pallets.

Innovation Statement

Revolutionary new material, breakthrough manufacturing technology that expedites rotational molding, and a robust 4-way entry pallet design makes this product unique and interesting to all material handling and supply chain managers.


Because Paxxal Siluma® Pallets are solid-filled, 4-way entry, and made with virgin HDPE, they are more impact resistant and outperform in temperature changes. This makes them well suited for all pharmaceutical, beverage, food, industrial, retail & distribution applications.


Posted Date 1/16/16
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