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Summary of Innovation

Distribution center (DC) uptime is essential for productivity yields and satisfied customers, while each minute of downtime results in lost revenue and unsatisfied customers. Intelligrated’s Parts by Equipment web-based tool provides DC managers with an advanced and intuitive method to identify parts for their systems’ equipment. DC managers simply enter an asset number and the tool eliminates end-user guesswork by providing a comprehensive listing of critical and spare parts for each of the end-user’s specific material handling systems, across all locations.

The tool improves parts order accuracy by providing a verified list of all parts used in system equipment across a customer’s DC network and can be filtered for each specific project. Additionally, the tool allows users to identify if a critical part needed is already available in another part of their system. DC managers can minimize downtime by redeploying the necessary part from the non-critical equipment. Parts by Equipment also teaches end-users which of their parts are critical (excessive downtime if no longer operational) or spare (expected to fail in the future after normal use).

Innovation Statement

Parts by Equipment is an innovative tool that allows DC managers to ensure system uptime by listing critical parts for system performance and eliminating all guesswork for parts ordering. The system provides part recommendation listings based on project number and equipment; users can identify which necessary parts are available within their system and divert from non-critical to critical system areas.


Parts by Equipment makes life easier for DC managers by using an asset number to provide recommendations for critical and spare parts on projects across their network, thereby removing the need for managers to painstakingly identify needed parts, minimizing system downtime by sourcing parts from other areas of the system and ensuring DCs receive the right part when ordering from Intelligrated’s website.

Posted Date 1/12/16
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