IntelliSort Cross Belt – Dynamic Discharge Compensation

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Summary of Innovation

Cross belt or loop sorters are designed to handle a complex product mix at a high-volume. This is ideal for e-commerce options needing to sort eaches that tend to be non-conveyable, loose and delicate (e.g. a hat). Traditional cross belt sorters locate a product on the carrier and attempt to center the product in anticipation that it will discharge accurately. This approach may not be ideal since some products tend to move when the crossbelt actuates based upon their make-up and shape. Secondly, the location of the product after centering is now considered an assumption to the software that presides over the system. Since true perfect intelligence is not acquired it may lead to a high-number of incorrect sorts, unintentional jams, and unexpected recirculation of product. This results in a higher operating cost due to second touches, possible re-induction into the sorter and potential mis-shipment to the customer.

Intelligrated’s patent-pending dynamic discharge compensation leaves the product where it is upon being inducted onto the belt and uses vision sensing and an advanced algorithm to determine how to discharge the item. This algorithm factors in the product’s actual characteristics in determining the precise moment to discharge. The result is perfect intelligence allowing for 99.99 percent accuracy. In addition, dynamic discharge compensation uses 50 percent fewer motor cycles as it engages the motor one time to discharge the product, rather than twice to center it and then discharge, extending the lifecycle of the sorter.

Innovation Statement

Dynamic discharge compensation uses a revolutionary algorithm and vision system to determine the most accurate discharge trajectory, based upon the product’s location on the belt and its dimensions, along with chute location. The result is 99.99 percent accuracy leading to improved operational costs, less energy consumption and maximized product lifecycle.


E-commerce orders are driving DCs now more than ever and Intelligrated’s dynamic discharge compensation feature set allows for confident high-volume product sortation which results in 99.99 order accuracy, using 50 percent less energy, significant increased sorter carrier lifecycle, and virtually eliminates the need for second touches resulting in less labor and operational costs.


Posted Date 1/12/16
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