E’gv® Compact Counterbalance Fork AGV

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Summary of Innovation

Egemin Automation’s E’gv® Compact product line is a set of small, lower-cost, medium-complexity, and high-quality AGVs designed for facilities where a complex, custom vehicle is not necessary and low-functionality AGC just can’t get the job done. After releasing the 10,000-pound capacity E’gv® Compact Tugger at ProMat 2015, Egemin developed a new attachment for the same base model of the E’gv® Compact product line. The Counterbalance Fork model of E’gv® Compact lifts 2,500 pounds to a maximum lift height of 66”. This vehicle has minimal installation required and set-up time and a very fast time to market compared to standard AGV.

The E’gv® Compact Counterbalance Fork vehicle uses laser navigation, standard off-the-shelf parts, and is built in Holland, MI at Egemin’s North American facility. The E’gv® Compact product line can be easily integrated into an existing E’gv® system. It’s the filler of the gap between cheap, low-end AGCs and high-complexity custom or standard AGVs.

Innovation Statement

Egemin is revolutionizing the E’gv® Compact base unit by attaching forks to the back of the chassis. This vehicle is available rapidly and without a lengthy lead time required, but with the Egemin quality you’ve come to expect.


Transporting materials to and from conveyor, floor storage, single-height racking, and cross-docking are the E’gv® Compact Counterbalance Fork AGV’s forte.


Posted Date 1/12/16
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