Trailerskate 2.0

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Summary of Innovation

Joloda Loading Technology & its US partner Loading Automation Inc. are introducing a new integrated automatic loading solution for trailers. The system is called the Trailerskate 2.0 and features 5 minute loading or unloading of a 53ft trailer.

The smart Trailerskate 2.0 loading dock can be connected to the production line. It is forming a load 30 pallet load without any forklift intervention. When the trailer is safely locked to the designated dock, the 53ft skates lift the load and drive all pallets inside. Once the skates reach the front of the vehicle, they are lowered, placing the load on the trailer floor. Directly after that, the skates move back into the building onto the dock and the trailer is loaded in full and released.

The hart of the innovation lies in the new special rise and fall flatfloor tracking mounted in the trailer and onto the dock. This track allows for the trailer to be in operation on the auto loading dock or (with its flat floor) to be used in conventional (FLT) loading.

For a summary of the operation, please refer to this movie:

Trailerskate 2.0. – Automatic trailer (and road train) loading system
The specialists in load handling – Joloda Int. Ltd and Loading Automation inc. - have developed the Trailerskate 2.0 system for bluechip customers that are looking for Quick Turnaround of trailers as well as efficient/ cost effective loading operations.

The benefits of the system are clear and can be summarized:

o Increase efficiency and decrease cost in load handling operation

o Less trailers needed

o Less / No forklifts needed

o Less labour needed

o Increase safety of loading / unloading operation

o Decrease product damages during loading / unloading due to automation

ROI of the trailerskate 2.0 is well within 24 months!

Innovation Statement

The trailerskate 2.0 is innovative because it features special flatfloor track. This special track enables a trailer to be used in automatic loading operation (loaded in 5 min!) AND at the same time the trailer can be used for any conventional work.


This innovation is significant to the material handling and logistics industry because it very efficiently ties up the intra-logistics environment (inside the warehouse) to the actual outbound logistics world (of shipping the product in an efficient way to its destination).

Any attendee of Modex is somewhere impacted by or involved in loading / unloading product into a cargo space. Innovations to improve this process by making it more safe, more cost effective and faster in general, have a great effect on a companies’ ability to be competitive in a

global market. In the end, we at Joloda and LAI believe that internal and external logistics are absolutely not merely a cost to a company – they are KEY to its success!


Posted Date 1/11/16
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