ARB Sorter S7000 for polybag handling

Posted by Intralox, LLC (booth # 3655)

Summary of Innovation

The ARB Sorter S7000 enables high speed sorting of polybags, padded (Jiffy) envelopes, flats and cartons on the same conveyor without the risk of snagging the product. The ARB Sorter S7000 sorts bi-directionally, minimizes footprint, and outperforms traditional technologies in diverting polybags and other bagged products.

Innovation Statement

Intralox's ARB S7000 is effective for sorting, merging, and aligning a wide range of product types within a bag. We continue to increase our ability to achieve tight diverts with high accuracy.


With trends such as dimensional (DIM) weight shipping and direct-to-consumer ecommerce, the need to sort, merge, and align polybags is becoming more important.


Posted Date 1/11/16
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