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Summary of Innovation

The ORBIS Pally seamlessly converts from a static pallet to a mobile pallet to streamline fulfillment, distribution and merchandising. The fully reusable Pally is an integrated pallet system that combines the functionality of a static pallet with mobility, for a versatile material handling solution that reduces touches and inefficiencies related to traditional retail distribution.

When static, the Pally provides a stable platform that can be stored and used like a traditional pallet. With a press of the release foot lever, the static pallet becomes a mobile pallet. This instant mobility provides the option for a forklift free warehouse environment, as well as rapid loading of standard trailers at the distribution center and quick unloading at retail. Available in two efficient footprints, 31.5” x 23.6”/600mm x 400mm and 39.2” x 23.6” /1000mm x 600mm, the Pally is designed for a long service life in rugged distribution applications. It offers dynamic load capacity of 1,100 lbs / 500Kg.

Innovation Statement

ORBIS has designed and manufactured the ORBIS Pally to seamlessly convert from a static pallet to a mobile pallet in seconds. This versatility provides end-to-end supply chain efficiency, since users can convert the Pally on demand. It works across the entire supply chain, from a static pallet for storage to a mobile pallet for distribution and merchandising.


The Pally is designed for small format retail deliveries, velocity goods shipments and omni-channel applications, as well as in-plant handling by minimizing the need for forklifts and material handling equipment.

• Velocity Goods Merchandising – Ideal for the delivery and merchandising of bulk loads of high volume items, like bottled beverages. Eliminates touches and enables quick unload at retail. Designed to roll off the truck and drop in the aisle. Can also be easily moved in the store, to leverage cross-selling opportunities.
• Small Format Retail – Designed for frequent product deliveries into smaller format retailers, like c-stores or drug stores. It enhances maneuverability in tight spaces, including the narrow doorways and aisles commonly found in these retail environments.
• Omni-Channel Distribution – Ideal for product omni-channel picking and fulfillment applications within retail stores or distribution centers. To add value at retail, it enables easy staging of e-commerce product designated for store pick-up.


Posted Date 1/08/16
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