Crash Barrier System: The swiss army knife of damage prevention

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Summary of Innovation

Protection of work areas, walls, equipment, machinery and racking is often provided by angle iron, plate mounted bollards or steel railing, painted yellow. McCue's newly extended Crash Barrier System provides an innovative modular approach to heavy-duty damage prevention in all those areas. It is designed to absorb and deflect impacts, without damage to itself or the floor, and provides a maintenance-free solution that is now applicable throughout the facility. The base modular system that protects walls and machinery from heavy vehicles can now easily be extended to surround columns, protect rack ends, create safe traffic lanes and in general to separate pedestrians, equipment and facilities from vehicular hazards.

The Crash Barrier System's all-round protection is based on a combination of ductile iron end caps, corners, connectors and adapters for strength, with extruded polymers for impact absorption, and strong but flexible anchoring that will not damage floors. In tests witnessed and certified by TÜV Rheinland, even the lowest rated rigid component withstood a force equivalent to a 12,000 lb vehicle, moving at 13.5 mph, striking at a typical angle of 45°. The system sits flush to the floor to protect against low-slung forks, which can simply go under angle iron and steel railing, while its small footprint with no exposed hardware makes best use of space and avoids tripping hazards.

Innovation Statement

Every facility has many locations where high performance damage prevention is required and McCue's Crash Barrier System can now be applied in nearly all of them. The system has been engineered to work on its own or integrate with other McCue products to provide a wide variety of configurations without sacrificing strength and allowing concrete floors to expand and contract without cracking.


Facility operators face a variety of damage prevention problems and their main recourse now is to use custom fabricated combinations of steel posts, rails, and angle iron; McCue’s newly expanded modular Crash Barrier System gives them a flexible kit of self-protecting, self-maintaining damage prevention components that will easily fill most of their guarding needs that is higher performing and less costly than fabricated steel.


Posted Date 1/08/16
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