AI MiniPATERNOSTER Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel

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Summary of Innovation

Need more storage in your facility but fear you do not have the space, budget and/or technology? Are you traveling back-and-forth, to-and-from your storage areas, while unsafely climbing and reaching for goods? Not able to track your inventory? AI MiniPATERNOSTER Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel is the only high density automated vertical storage in its class: Size, Features, Efficiency, Safety, Security, Affordability, Versatility, Accountability and WMS Compatibility. Optimize your available floor space by utilizing the unused vertical storage space in your facility- even if your space and budget are tight.
Benefits and Features include:
Save Floor Space - Custom to your needs with Heights 8ft. -13ft., Width is only 5ft.
Secure Goods - Password/ID Protected and Automated Door
Versatile - Uses Bins, Trays, and/or Dividers for Various Size Goods
No Installation - Just "Plug & Play", uses Standard Shop Voltage
Affordable - Ships Fully Assembled, Low Maintenance, uses Standard Parts
Safe - Light Curtain, E-Stop Button
Ergonomic - "Goods to Person" Pick Level & Design, designed to meet ADA requirements
Compatible - Software Integrates with Internal WMS

Innovation Statement

The Innovative AI MiniPATERNOSTER Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel is the first and only "Goods to Person" automated storage solution that is "Plug & Play", comes complete "Out of the Box", needs no installation and uses Standard Shop Voltage. AI MiniPATERNOSTER Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel is the perfect storage solution when there are tight space and budget constraints; and still understanding the value of automated storage. Maximize ROI with AI MiniPATERNOSTER by:
*Increase Amount of Goods Stored
*Reduce Cost per Square Ft.
*Increase Picking Accuracy & Speed
*Increase Security & Accountability of Inventory
*Increase Safety for Operator
*No Installation Costs
*State of the Art Technology, operates by Keypad, Monitor, Touch Screen and/or Mobile Device


AI MiniPATERNOSTER Compact "Mini" Vertical Carousel efficiency is in demand by many Industries and for many Applications: MRO, PPE, WAREHOUSE, DISTRIBUTION, MANUFACTURING, AVIATION, AEROSPACE, AUTOMOTIVE, TRANSPORTATION, MEDICAL, HOSPITALITY, HEALTHCARE, PHARMACEUTICAL, RETAIL, WHOLESALE, INDUSTRIAL, GOVERNMENT and is designed to meet Safety, Ergonomic and ADA requirements.


Posted Date 1/08/16
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