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Summary of Innovation

With online shopping and purchasing as the prevalent social norm, businesses are having to find new ways to keep up with expanded customer demand. SPG International, LLC has the answer to this common challenge. They have developed a series of innovative equipment solutions that revolutionize eCommerce storage and transport. The Order Cart is a 6-wheeled cart with 3 inverted, removable 24" x 60" shelves to keep items in their place as online orders are being collected and processed. The Stocking Cart is a 6-wheeled cart with 16" x 60" shelves that can be adjusted on 6" increments to allow for a variety of item sizes to be transported and stocked efficiently.

The Staging Cart is perfect for having items at point-of-use, and it has clear, acrylic sheets to keep products separated but still visible from all angles. Lastly, the Order Picking Cart is actually two individual carts that can be combined into one unit, which allows a worker in back-of-house to load the cart while another employee stocks on the floor. The Order Picking Cart makes product stocking and picking quick and easy. These products all increase efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce time spent on individual online orders. Let SPG help your business reach its true eCommerce potential.

Innovation Statement

SPG International, LLC is committed to increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace while delivering the lowest cost of ownership. The Order Cart, Stocking Cart, Staging Cart, and Order Picking Cart work together to transform the eCommerce storage and transport operations area of a company, and are excellent examples of how simple equipment changes can reduce time spent on customer orders, increase employee productivity, encourage point-of-use storage, and ultimately increase company profits.


This group of customizable innovative carts, designed to sustain and improve order fulfillment, represent cost reduction, time savings, and operational improvement for any company with an eCommerce presence.


Posted Date 1/08/16
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