Westfalia’s Storage/Retrieval Machine (S/RM)

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Summary of Innovation

Committed to excellence since 1992, Westfalia Technologies, Inc., is always looking for ways to improve upon its existing solutions’ designs and functionalities. Most recently, the company upgraded its Storage/Retrieval Machine (S/RM) to provide clients with safer operations and lower maintenance costs. The new S/RM features an independent safety cab, or service lift, which allows operators to access storage levels without using a ladder or climbing up a vertical lift station. Also, the S/RM has more built-in dual safety processors and a greater range of sensor communication from the machine to the operator. With the use of instruction faults, any dual processor that is out of sync immediately halts the S/RM for further investigation.

In addition, Westfalia made the S/RM’s service components more readily accessible for easier maintenance, while enhancing the machine’s ability to optimally fit and function within an existing facility. Part of this includes a separate electrical enclosure outside of the cab, allowing for more space to access high voltage components, while keeping lower voltage components accessible in the cab. To better its solutions and stay at the forefront of the technology, Westfalia opened a multi-million dollar test facility where it can assess improvements – like those featured in the S/RM – and new user interfaces. Westfalia is also using its S/RM at the training facility to give customers hands-on experience in using Automated Storage and Retrieval Machines (AS/RS).

Innovation Statement

Westfalia’s upgraded S/RM features an independent safety cab, or service lift, and more readily accessible service components. The improved S/RM is a component in Westfalia’s new test and training facilities, which drive internal innovation.


Westfalia’s upgraded S/RM helps users ensure safer operations and lower maintenance costs, while improving overall warehouse operations with the company’s high-density AS/RS.


Posted Date 1/08/16
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