Pallet Return Device (PRD)

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Summary of Innovation

The Pallet Return Device (PRD) is an empty pallet handling/stacking solution that many operations could benefit from, particularly distribution centers. The PRD can be retrofitted or designed into any pick module because it simply mounts on pallet flow rails that are used for empty pallet return lanes. The proprietary, ergonomic design works to reduce pallet lifting weight by up to 50% which helps prevent injuries to the shoulders and lower back. Since the PRD produces a perfect stack of seven pallets every time, fork truck drivers are no longer required to dismount and rework a stack of empty pallets, increasing productivity and truly maximizing the return on investment. Also, fork truck drivers no longer have to worry about stacks getting caught up on the rack frames and pallets falling from multiple stories above to the ground below, seriously reducing the risk of a life-threatening accident.

Whether your operation uses standard pallets, skids, or any variation thereof, the PRD can handle them all with minimal continual maintenance required to experience the benefits for many years after installation. The PRD is designed so that no outside source of energy is required, meaning no expensive repairs of moving parts, costly electricity, or hazardous fluids, keeping costs down and simplifying the process of stacking empty pallets in DC pick modules.

Innovation Statement

The Pallet Return Device can be retrofitted or designed to fit the customer's pick module, increase productivity while reducing labor hours spent on non-revenue generating tasks, as well as greatly increase the safety for pickers and fork truck drivers because of its proprietary, ergonomic design. With little to no continual maintenance required, furnishing a customer's facility is virtually a onetime cost as the benefits are experienced for years to follow.


Allow your order pickers and fork truck drivers to worry about what really matters and make the non-revenue generating task of stacking empty pallets in your pick module a thing of the past.


Posted Date 12/21/15
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